1000+ New Missionaries by 2025: Very Do-able

When a vision is born out of mere ambition, then it’s fulfillment is dependent on the drive, effort and activity of the dreamer. However, when a vision is born in response to God’s purpose and is driven at fulfilling the mission of God, we know that it’s fulfillment lies not in the ability and capacity of the dreamer, but in the almighty capacity of God – the owner of the vision.

When the vision to plant a missionary team among every Unengaged Unreached People Group (UUPG) in the Central African Sub-Region was born in 2012, we did not have an idea the magnitude of work it would require. We did not even know how enormous the vision was, until we began to gather data and define parameters. We discovered that the 8 countries that make up the Central African Sub-Region (by the map of our vision) had a combined 278 Unreached People Groups, and each had multiple villages that needed missionary engagement. Although the CAMO Project was to be bigger than our organization, the challenge and enormity of the task was still the same.

We consider a missionary team to include a combination of either of the following:

  • Two couples
  • One couple and two unmarried persons
  • Three unmarried persons

This meant that the average missionary team was to be made up of 4 persons, and since the vision was going to require sending teams of 4 to each of 278 people groups, we will be requiring an estimated 1112 missionaries. While these may not all have to be signed up as full time going missionaries under Christ’s Disciples’ Missionary Foundation, to fulfil the vision, that number of individuals will have to be mobilized and networked towards fulfilling one vision to ensure that no tribes are left without a witness for Jesus in the Central African sub-Region. This number excludes support staff, admin staff and others who may not be directly attached to a people group.

While the number may look scary, we have realized that the fulfillment of this vision is not dependent on our ability to mobilize, recruit or train but is dependent on God’s power and ability to send people into His harvest field.

What kind of missionaries would we be needing over the next years?

  • Pioneers – Church planters & disciples makers: people who are able to come into a new community without any prior ground work and start work there from the scratch. It may require cultural shifts, language learning and lifestyle adaptation. But pioneers will remain the back-bone of this thrust since we are dealing with unengaged peoples.
  • Community Developers: People who will be part of the pioneering teams but whose focus on the teams will be the developmental needs of the community. Identifying, mobilizing and engaging with these in order to bring holistic transformation to the communities we engage. Community projects range from education, water, sanitation, healthcare, agriculture and lots more. Here we can have teachers, doctors, artisans and many more.
  • Consultants and Professionals: Persons who can visit periodically and provide special services such as leadership development, coaching, team trainings and other professional services. Such persons may be considered team members even though their services will most likely span across several fields and nations .
  • Support Staff & Administrators: People who will help coordinate the workers, their work, documentation, research, administration, technology, maintenance, media etc

As we have actively began praying to the Lord of the harvest to send in workers, we invite you to respond to God’s leading to be part of this large team that will go into the Central African sub-Region and make disciples of all nations there.

The 8 countries in the CAMO Project include: Cameroon, Chad, Central Africa Republic, Congo (Brazzaville), South Sudan, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Sao Tome & Principe.

These countries combined have official languages ranging from English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese. What an amazing team it would when we have people from each and every one of these countries working together to  bring the count of unengaged people groups in the region to zero.

We invite you to join this team: get in touch with us at mobilize@cdmissions.org

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