About Us

Christ’s Disciples Missionary Foundation Inc, is a non-profit missionary organization, founded in 1985, committed to taking the gospel of Jesus to the unreached and have done so for close to three decades now.

Why We Exist

Our purpose is to reach people groups in their villages, hamlets and wherever they may be. On hills and mountains, in valleys and by the riverside, in Nigeria, Africa and the world.

We presently have team members working among unreached tribes in Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad with research and ongoing pioneer initiatives in Central Africa Republic. Our ultimate vision is to make Jesus known in every culture.

Our team comprises of individuals who feel called by God into various ministries and who have a strong desire to serve God in different ways around the world – with the purpose of reaching the unreached. We normally wouldn’t send a team to places where churches exist, except when there is a strong need for discipleship or leadership development among the existing churches and we see a potential to raise more Christian workers to reach neighbouring communities. We call such our workers gobilizers – they go to mobilize existing Churches to missions involvement.

We also will engage in community development projects to help the people live better lives and mobilize them to use what they have got to reach to the unreached within their networks.

Christ’s Disciples’ Missionary Foundation is fully faith based, meaning our team members trust God for the supply of their needs and raise their support. Tent-making and business-as-missions provides us entry platform into some places. Our team members sometimes come with their own God-given vision for ministry, what we do is provide an umbrella and a network for expressing that call, provided it’s in line with our ultimate vision – reaching the unreached.

What We Do

  • Cross cultural Church Planting Movements
  • Discipleship & Gobilizing
  • Community development
  • Missionary Training
  • TREKs and Short Term Missions
  • Missions Mobilization

Our most recent adventure is CAMO – Central Africa Missions Outreach through which we intend to engage every unreached people group within all the countries of the Central Africa sub-continent by the year 2025. You can learn more about that and be part of it.