Christ’s Disciples’ Missionary Foundation (CDMF) is a non-profit non-governmental organization.

Our Mission Statement

We seek to make God known to the rural dwellers in Nigeria, Africa and beyond through evangelism, discipleship, church planting and community development in order to bring about holistic transformation.

Vision Statement

To take the Gospel to the unreached in all the nations in order to bring holistic transformation in communities, complete change and obedience to do the will of GOD.

What drives our belief

We acknowledge and believe that:

  1. That all has sinned and need salvation, thus preaching the Gospel is the only solution to the human race. Romans 3:23 Matthew 28:19 -20
  2. The infallibility of the holy scriptures as God’s manual for life hence our emphasis on discipleship and training in and through the Word. 2 Timothy 3:16-17
  3. The second coming of Christ will be ushered in as we take the Gospel of His salvation to all tribes no matter the geographical barriers. Matthew 24:14
  4. Holistic ministry to the total man just like Jesus did. 3 John 2
  5. Funds for the Great commission will be supplied by God as we trust Him. Psalms 50:10.
  6. That God loves sinners but hates their sins. John3:16.

Our Core Activities

  1. Church Planting
  2. Disciple Making
  3. Community Development
  4. Training and Leadership Development
  5. Mobilization

How We Operate

Christ Disciples Ministries as a body depends solely on the Lord to use means within the Body of Christ to meet her needs. It was originally a faith venture and will remain so. We shall also continue to share (enumerate) our needs as the opportunities arise with other believers. The individual missionary is expected to trust the Lord for his/her daily living. The Lord is our employer, CDMF is a body of other employees of the living God and a team/forum within which we all work for the Master. The organization provides leadership, guidance and mentoring, but God gives every individual a personal calling.