Cameroon Team Strategic General Assembly

CDMF Team members working in Cameroon gathered for the 2-day Strategic General Assembly. Our oldest established work in Cameroon is about 9 years old and we have had several churches planted and missionaries serving in Cameroon for almost a decade, and all of French work was coordinated by one team, the Francophone team. Last year however, because of how strategic the work was becoming and how complex it was becoming to manage all the French Speaking countries under one umbrella, we formed the Cameroon National Team Leadership and for the first time in 2018, all our workers in Cameroon met as a national team. That’s amazing for us.

Beyond meeting to fellowship and build strong bonds of partnership, it is a period to recast vision, evaluate where we are in our long term vision, consolidate previous gains and plan strategically for the future while making the needed adjustments that we need. 2018 is the year for crossing new border and frontiers. In our little way, we are changing the statistics of Global Missions in the world, as tribes that were formerly counted as “unengaged” now have viable and active work going on among them. We are extremely excited at what God is doing in our generation and we feel very privileged to be a part of it.

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