CAMO Phase 1 enters it’s last year: How far have we gone?

In 2013 when we launched the CAMO Project, we split it in two phases. The entire vision of the Central Africa Missions Outreach (CAMO) is to ensure that by the year 2025, no Unreached People Group (UPG) in the Central African Sub-Region is without an active team of missionaries working to raise disciples among them. Phase I which was to last 2013-2018 was to ensure that we has active movements in 4 countries dominated by nationals who understand and commit to the CAMO Vision. The countries in Phase 1 were Chad, Cameroon, Central Africa Republic (CAR) and South-Sudan. When we set these timelines, all we had was a vision and a dream. There were no structures, processes or people.

In January 2018 as we met to evaluate the progress of CAMO, we are amazed that we have active movements dominated by nationals in 3 of the 4 countries targeted for this phase. We have recruited and trained tens of workers who are spread out in teams in these three countries, tens of new churches have been planted, new disciples made and being mentored into leadership, and each country team has predominantly nationals (people from that country), including a National Coordinator who is also a national. We are amazed how God has done these things.

We cannot yet boast that every UPG in the country has been engaged, but we are confident that we are closer to that goal more than ever before. We have only one country left to achieve this goal – South Sudan. And we are closer to achieving this than ever before.

Please do not stop praising God for the many UPGs that just a few years ago were considered Unengaged but today have teams working among them, and also continue to lift up the Project and all those involved in it into God’s hands, the new national leadership teams as they now develop strategy to engage the UPGs within their countries, resources to continue to finance the work, the heavy travels needed and the many projects that capital intensive. We are confident that together, we will live to see His Kingdom established in this region of Africa. Our prayer remains “Thy will be done in Central Africa, as it is in Heaven.”

We still have a year to see Phase 1 completed and launch Phase 2. We invite more hands to join us. There are several roles to serve in, several ways to be involved through praying and giving. Don’t sit in your couch watching TV while God changes the world. Get up and get involved.0

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