CAMO Phase 1 enters it’s last year: How far have we gone?

In 2013 when we launched the CAMO Project, we split it in two phases. The entire vision of the Central Africa Missions Outreach (CAMO) is to ensure that by the year 2025, no Unreached People Group (UPG) in the Central African Sub-Region is without an active team of missionaries working to raise disciples among them. […]


Cameroon Team Strategic General Assembly

CDMF Team members working in Cameroon gathered for the 2-day Strategic General Assembly. Our oldest established work in Cameroon is about 9 years old and we have had several churches planted and missionaries serving in Cameroon for almost a decade, and all of French work was coordinated by one team, the Francophone team. Last year […]

1000+ New Missionaries by 2025: Very Do-able

When a vision is born out of mere ambition, then it’s fulfillment is dependent on the drive, effort and activity of the dreamer. However, when a vision is born in response to God’s purpose and is driven at fulfilling the mission of God, we know that it’s fulfillment lies not in the ability and capacity […]

Why training indigenous missionaries is a priority

For the last four years, we have been developing and working on the CAMO Project which seeks to engage every unreached people group within the Central African sub-region by the year 2025. There are 8 countries within this target region and each of them very diverse and unique. For example, of these countries, five speak […]

The Ruto Will Worship

By Augustin Longa I had just given a talk during our traditional End of year Prayer Retreat in Mubi, Nigeria. My burning desire to see the church of Jesus Christ totally committed to reaching the Unreached was vividly present throughout the talk. I still have in mind the blinking eyes of Timothy, a young and […]