Discipleship work in South-West Nigeria

Our International office moved to Ibadan in the South-West of Nigeria a few years ago. It was primarily because we needed a more central place from where our growing international presence could be coordinated, but little did we realize that there was more to that move than we had expected. We soon began to experience […]

Why You Should Become a Missions Supporter

Missions Costs A Lot The work of missions is a work that involves spending on a regular basis. People’s lives, people’s skills, people’s money and their relationships are being spent consistently in an attempt to take the Gospel to the unreached. The Mission is a worthy one, one that is worth all our lives and […]

Farming to reach the Nations

With hundreds of people groups still waiting for the Good News of the Gospel in communities and countries around the world, our passion and commitment to reaching the unreached only gets stronger. We remain committed to our vision of almost 35 years now to take the Gospel to wherever and whoever is yet to hear. […]

Why training indigenous missionaries is a priority

For the last four years, we have been developing and working on the CAMO Project which seeks to engage every unreached people group within the Central African sub-region by the year 2025. There are 8 countries within this target region and each of them very diverse and unique. For example, of these countries, five speak […]

A Miracle in Two Years – the story of (formerly) unreached Ruto People

Two years ago, our organization engaged the Ruto people who live by the southern borders of Chad with CAR. We sent Timothy a young newly trained Chadian missionary and his family to pioneer the work there. We didn’t expect him to spend a long time adjusting since he was within his country and in a […]

Multiplying Disciples through the Portable Bible School

When two of our young missionaries in 2012 found themselves face to face with the effects and reality of untrained and undiscipled Church leaders especially among the existing church in Southern Chad, they were  overwhelmed about this reality and wondered if it was a giant that could be tackled. The result was that there were […]

Call and preparation of a missionary

By Augustin Longa   WHO IS A MISSIONARY? Being a missionary is far beyond the fact of just receiving the call of witnessing Christ to others. Preaching the Gospel of Jesus-Christ is a duty of every genuine Christian. A missionary is one sent across geographical and / or cultural boundaries to proclaim the gospel. If […]

“Support Raising” – what is that?

by David Ogunshola “every member of our team and staff is expected to raise their personal support” This comes up whenever people make inquiries about joining the organization or when they indicate interest in becoming missionaries, and that single line has scared so many people away from full time ministry. They don’t seem to understand […]