Why You Should Become a Missions Supporter

Missions Costs A Lot The work of missions is a work that involves spending on a regular basis. People’s lives, people’s skills, people’s money and their relationships are being spent consistently in an attempt to take the Gospel to the unreached. The Mission is a worthy one, one that is worth all our lives and […]

Does this describe you?

You have great dreams and aspirations of the things you want to see happen through your life. You dream of a higher, bigger and more relevant life. You are not satisfied with mere activities and routines. You go to Church. You love the Lord. But you just know that there is more to life and […]

Farming to reach the Nations

With hundreds of people groups still waiting for the Good News of the Gospel in communities and countries around the world, our passion and commitment to reaching the unreached only gets stronger. We remain committed to our vision of almost 35 years now to take the Gospel to wherever and whoever is yet to hear. […]

CAMO Phase 1 enters it’s last year: How far have we gone?

In 2013 when we launched the CAMO Project, we split it in two phases. The entire vision of the Central Africa Missions Outreach (CAMO) is to ensure that by the year 2025, no Unreached People Group (UPG) in the Central African Sub-Region is without an active team of missionaries working to raise disciples among them. […]

Looking for opportunities to serve God in Missions? Join our team at CDMF Inc

God speaks to us in different ways, inviting us to join Him in His work and directing us to our perfect location of service. Sometimes He speaks through an audible voice, sometimes through the inner leading and sometimes using signs and signals. After all these, God will always connect the voice we are hearing to […]

1000+ New Missionaries by 2025: Very Do-able

When a vision is born out of mere ambition, then it’s fulfillment is dependent on the drive, effort and activity of the dreamer. However, when a vision is born in response to God’s purpose and is driven at fulfilling the mission of God, we know that it’s fulfillment lies not in the ability and capacity […]

Consolidating Evangelism & Discipleship through Quality Education

We agree with those who advocate education as one of the most viable tool to properly disciple a nation. We also see it very strongly as a tool to consolidate our many years of discipleship labours too. It’s very true that you can do through the classroom what may be difficult through the church. In […]

Getting the first set of ASCEND candidates to the field

The greatest need is the need for workers. Jesus told us this when He asked us to pray the Lord of the Harvest to send labourers into His vineyard. The need for workers in missions has never been more important and urgent than in this generation and in our day. At CDMF, we launched ASCEND […]

Call and preparation of a missionary

By Augustin Longa   WHO IS A MISSIONARY? Being a missionary is far beyond the fact of just receiving the call of witnessing Christ to others. Preaching the Gospel of Jesus-Christ is a duty of every genuine Christian. A missionary is one sent across geographical and / or cultural boundaries to proclaim the gospel. If […]

“Support Raising” – what is that?

by David Ogunshola “every member of our team and staff is expected to raise their personal support” This comes up whenever people make inquiries about joining the organization or when they indicate interest in becoming missionaries, and that single line has scared so many people away from full time ministry. They don’t seem to understand […]