CEMP: Centre D’Equipement en Mission Pionniere

CEMP means Centre D’Equipement En Missions Pionnieres (Equipment Centre for Frontier Missions). This is the arm of CDMF that handles training and leadership development for our work in French speaking Central Africa. Although our training activities run in various locations, the CEMP Campus is located in Doba, Chad.

CEMP runs two major training programmes:

Basic Seminars in Frontier Missions (BSFM)

BSFM  Set 3This is a six (6) month missions course, that exists to provide men and women who have the desire of going into the frontiers of world missions with basic knowledge on Discipleship, Systematic Theology, Pastoral Care, Church Planting, Community Development, World Religions (Special focus on ATR and Islam) and Intercultural Studies. It is a residential training programme for French speakers, with English and Computer being taught as normal courses and it takes place at our campus in Doba.
In the last 3 years, we have trained 16 students mostly from Cameroon and Chad. Presently, BSFM graduates have planted 6 churches in Chad and along border villages of Central Africa Republic (CAR), started a nursery school in one of the villages and have dug a well in another village, confirming that reaching the Central African SubRegion will be faster by using indigenous workers.

Candidates are selected for BSFM after they complete basic discipleship programmes run by their churches or through the Portable Bible School and have shown potentials or an interest in serving God cross-culturally. The 6 months of training includes a 6 week field experience. At the end of the training, graduates are ready to be sent out to go pioneer work among an Unreached People Group. This is how we hope to recruit workers to complete The CAMO Vision.

Portable Bible School (PBS)

Portable School Adamawa CameroonThis is an on the job course, designed to provide basic tools that will help indigenous workers from our targeted UPGs in starting Disciple Making Movements that will grow into unshakable and unbreakable churches. Teachings throughout the programme are  based on the principles of Orality and totally translated to the mother tongues or trade languages of our targeted candidates. We do this to make sure none of our unschooled candidates will be deprived of what God wants to do through them. We meet for two (2) week contacts  every three (3) months for a period of two (2) years. Totalling 16 weeks of contacts.
The Portable Bible School also runs in partnerships with local denominations. In 2015, we have been training leaders of the Full Gospel Mission in Cameroon in their various locations using the PBS Curriculum.



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