Transforming Communities, Cities and Nations

The Gospel is an agent of transformation. Not only does the presence of the Gospel bring salvation to men, it leaves every community and society better than it meets it. We at CDMF Inc understand this and we make every effort to ensure that we identify and engage real needs in our host communities and we mobilize skills and resources from within and outside the community to provide solutions to these needs.

Community Development Projects we have identified and successfully implemented include the following categories:


We have established viable schools in several communities that have lasted over a decade and produced students who have gone ahead to complete tertiary education.

We have established the following schools

  1. Lila Primary School among the Julvu people in Nigeria
  2. Lainde Primary School among the Muktah People in Nigeria
  3. Ecole Mont Sinai among the Ruto People in Chad
  4. Many other nursery schools in several villages in Nigeria






We founded and run a medical facility in Lila Village among the Julvu people in Adamawa State of Nigeria. For so many years, this was the only functional medical facility serving almost 10 villages within the mountain range. The clinic had a mobile Primary Health Care unit that operate from within our 4-wheel drive Toyota Hilux for many years, until the vehicle could no longer climb those mountains. We receive several doctors and health workers from around the country who come from time to time on short visits during which they see patients, perform some advanced procedures and provide coaching and training to our on-ground health workers.

It is totally impossible to describe the relief this clinic has brought to the Julvu people, the number of lives that have been saved, and the tremendous opportunity it has provided to reach even more people with the Gospel of Jesus.

We still receive doctors, nurses and health workers who will be willing to spend short amounts of time in the clinic and direly need medical equipment and supplies.

Water and Sanitation

Several communities we arrived at did not have a healthy source of potable water. Several diseases were caused by poor sanitation and many lives were lost that could be saved by simple hygienic practices. We have dug several wells in many communities, and constructed many toilets. Actually, in many villages, they never knew the concept of a toilet until our missionaries arrived.

We are excited to see that these simple practices have been adopted and is contributing to the saving of many lives. In every school we establish, a water and sanitation project follows.

Social Integration

We have established a Youth Centre in Muchalla in Nigeria and a Centre for Languages and Social Integration in Chad. These facilities provide diverse training, skill acquisition and empowerment for individuals in the community.

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