Does this describe you?

You have great dreams and aspirations of the things you want to see happen through your life. You dream of a higher, bigger and more relevant life. You are not satisfied with mere activities and routines. You go to Church. You love the Lord. But you just know that there is more to life and loving God than you are currently seeing and doing.

The pastor preaches in church and you know this is God’s word, but deep within you, you are yearning for deeper and more. You have several questions that no one is answering. Sometimes you even begin to question the very essence and purpose of life, faith and many things. You are tired of religion. You want God, and more of Him, but you don’t seem to be able to ask anyone the deep questions that bother you because it doesn’t seem like they will even understand your questions talk less provide an answer. You are gradually settling to think that this may be the norm, even though you are hoping that somehow, someday, you will stumble upon something stronger, deeper, fresher and much more profound. Something truly challenging that gives meaning to life and joins all the dots that keep you perplexed.

Sometimes you think you are the only one feeling or thinking that way. No you are not. There are still others like you. Actually, many of us were like you, and I am pleased to let you know that there are answers to all the questions you ask.

But let me start by asking you one simple question: how badly do you want to find answers to your questions and meaning to your life? What are you willing to sacrifice in pursuit of purpose?

The answer to that question will determine if you will be able to take the step to break the mould in pursuit of answers, meaning and purpose. The truth is, what you seek is beyond a simple answer or a conversation. Your quest can only be realized through an experience, one that will definitely cost you something. It will cost you the courage to step out of your comfort zone and out of your regular life routine for a while – but I can guarantee you, it will give meaning and direction to the rest of your life. It is every bit worth the sacrifice – because it sometimes looks like it’s a sacrifice.

Many people settle for their current conditions and value of life because they are unable to make the move in pursuit of purpose. Some of us who have taken the step look back today with a sense of gratitude, fulfilment and joy, and can truly say that was the best move of our lives. Giving up a little while to find meaning for the rest of life is definitely worth it.

We have carefully designed an experience specifically for people like you. People searching for purpose, meaning and answers to questions that only the One who designed, created and wired you can answer. It is an experience that will require you to shut down for a moment, move out of the noise and routine of life, and lay hold on things that can only be found in a place beyond where we live our regular lives.

If you are serious about taking this bold step to seek purpose, clarity, direction and just where you fit, belong and feature in the grand scheme of things, I would like to introduce you to ASCENDa specially designed journey with God into Purpose.

ASCEND is a 12-month journey away from the regular life that, if followed carefully with a sincere seekers heart is guaranteed to alter the direction of your life for ever. At the end of Ascend, you won’t be living life guessing or with a doubt if this is where I should be or what I should be doing. Your life will operate from a sense of deep conviction and accuracy of the knowledge of where and what God wants you to do in His Grand scheme of affairs. You will discover something bigger than you. It is called purpose. It precedes you. You were created to fit into something, and life outside of it will always feel empty and shallow. It doesn’t matter how far you seem to have gone, it is never too late to pause and recalibrate.

Let me stop here.

If you really feel like you need to take the step to Ascend Higher, then take the very first step to find out more about Ascend. Write to or call the Ascend Programme Coordinator – David on +2347061386323. This is one step that is guaranteed to begin the disruption process of your life – but rejoice, it is a disruption for the better. We will be expecting to hear from you and we will be most honoured to guide and journey with you as you re-write the next phase of your life.

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