Educating and Discipling the Next Generation

We currently have education projects on-going in Nigeria and Chad with more than 400 children currently enrolled in school.

CDM Primary & Secondary School, Lila – Julvu, Adamawa State

In 1992, there was no educational facility for the thousands of people living on the Julvu Mountains in Mubi North Local Government of Adamawa State, North-East Nigeria. CDM Foundation Inc started the first Primary School in Lila in 1992 to serve more than 7 villages of the Julvu people. By 2002, the Primary school became fully recognized and registered by the Government and students came from nearby villages to attend the primary school.

Upon completion of their Primary education however, the nearest secondary school the pupils could proceed to in pursuit of a secondary education was the Government School in Muchalla, several hours and many villages away, yet without a boarding facility. To make it easy for the pupils to proceed to secondary school, the CDM Foundation created a private free boarding facility in Muchalla for her pupils who proceeded to secondary school in Muchalla.

For several reasons, not all the pupils who complete their primary education are able to leave their community and environment in pursuit of a secondary education.

In 2019, the CDM Junior Secondary School was started in Lila to make quality secondary education accessible to every child irrespective of their family circumstance.

Ecole Mont Sinai, Gourourou, Chad

The Mount Sinai Primary School serves an interior community in Southern Chad among the Ruto speaking people group. It currently educates more than 200 pupils and has facilitated the planting of a Church in the community.

We began under a tree and more than 120 pupils gathered. We are currently setting up classroom buildings. The school has gotten the recognition and approval of the Chadian Government.