Francophone Workers Staff Conference in Chad

As it has been our tradition for some years now, all our missionaries working among French speaking Unreached People Groups (UPDs) gather yearly for our General Assembly which is normally a moment of refreshing, fellowship, evaluation, strategy and re-launching with renewed vision and zeal. This years meeting (2017) which held in Chad in March was particularly unique. We had participants from 4 countries – Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Central Africa Republic, but what makes it really special is that this happens to be the last of our annual meetings of such magnitude.

By the grace of God, we have been able to establish national teams for each of the countries where we work with each country having its own leadership team, and as such from 2018 every country will host her staff conference for all our missionaries working within the country and only every 3 years will we have a General Assembly of this magnitude where all these countries will gather in one place.

In this year’s meeting, we began to see some of our dreams of many years come true. For example, 3 years ago when we engaged the Ruto people group, we prayed that in a few years we would have missionaries from among them ready to engage other UPGs with the Gospel. This year at the meeting in Chad, we had a candidate who has just signed up for our French school of missions, and guess what – he is Ruto. A refugee from CAR who now lives in Chad. One of the highest points of the meeting was when he prayed in the Ruto language. We couldn’t believe that what was once a dream and a prayer point is now becoming reality in our very presence.

For us when we attend such meetings, we take time to hear about the many things that God is doing in the different fields where we work. Our teams are growing bigger and sometime communication with everyone is not always easy, but as we gather together and hear our different stories, it always brings tears to our eyes. It confirms to us that indeed, God is the one at work. Our duty is just to be present there and He will perform the miracles of salvation and life transformation.

As we marvel at the amazing things God is doing among the nations, we thank God for considering us worthy of being a part of His mission, and we are extremely thankful to all the persons who support and partner with us to make this work continue. To our many supporters, God alone knows the extent to which your support has gone and keeps going. Many tribes and communities are having their names written in the Book of Life in Heaven because you are available to give and to pray. Thank you.

For us, we remain committed to our vision that by the year 2025, we would have a team of missionaries working among every remaining unengaged people group in the Central African sub-region. There are still 285 UPGs in this region and we are determined to get the Gospel to every one of them. To achieve this, we need a team of more than 1000 persons. We are aggressively recruiting, massively training and available to every form of partnership that will further the work and expand God’s Kingdom. Our meetings and conferences help us evaluate where we are and know in what new directions we need to move.

We are excited to be part of this.

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