The world’s population is hitting 7 billion today. Everyday new people are born and every day more people die. There are over 16,000 distinct people groups in the world. More than 6,000 of them are unreached, that means they do not have enough Christians among them to tell the others about Jesus. All things being equal, these people groups will NEVER get to hear about Jesus unless something external happens – that is, someone from outside the culture and people comes in to tell them about Jesus.

If Jesus truly meant business when He said “…and this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached to all Nations”, then we have a clear obligation to get these over 6,000 people groups to know about and ultimately worship Jesus. This is enormous responsibility. They don’t speak the same language. They don’t live in the same place. They all cannot be reached using the same methods and techniques. But they still can never know about Jesus unless they are told.

If they must hear about Him, then someone has to GO and tell them. It means someone has to be willing to leave his home country or community, go learn a new culture, new language, new way of life and probably adopt a new personality just to connect with a people group so well that he can explain to them the person and love of Jesus. That is a missionary! That is the man the nations are waiting for! That man (or woman) could be you reading this!

The hope of an entire tribe could be tied to your decision – yes, that decision to abandon your current life, job and ambitions and embrace the noble task of going to tell a new tribe about Jesus. That decision move your business to a new country or community. That decision to take your skills to a place where it gives you opportunity to live and show Christ through your skills. That’s a goer. And yes, it requires courage and a deliberate decision. You say you have not heard a call, well, you just did. This is it. God is calling you.

Would you go?