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You so strongly desire to bring your creative abilities to play in touching lives, in sharing your passion and in getting other to see the world through God’s eyes. Let your creativity be your tool to change the world.






Strategists and researchers

Your unique ability to creating solutions out of the box gives you a longing to find a place where you are relevant to God’s kingdom. You are adventurous and seek to find answers to burning questions. You want to open the eyes of the world to new discoveries and find new places where the Gospel needs to reach. You are welcome on our team.





Portable Bible School

Your unique call to ministry is to help others find Jesus, grow in their knowledge of Him, live the lifestyle of a disciple and establish growing churches among peoples of different cultures and beliefs. Then your call aligns with our mission of reaching the unreached. CDMF needs you.





Our International office and other national offices require a wide range of skilled men and women – from Human Resource experts, accountants, psychologists and engineers. Bring your skill and experience to play. You may live in the city but make work on the field happen. We need you.

Sign up as a missionary with Christ’s Disciples’ Missionary Foundation

Really? You want to be part of a team working to establish God’s kingdom among the nations? That’s an exciting start. You probably have read a little about us and are considering joining out team. Ok, lets add a little more information that you didn’t quite get at first.

We are a 100% faith based organization. Every individual on our team has a personal walk with God which has materialized in them choosing to spend their lives in full time service of the King. This personal walk with God leads you to follow Him wherever He sends you, while you trust Him to foot the bills. Christ’s Disciples’ Missionary Foundation does not pay her staff a regular salary. Every member of our team is expected to raise their personal support.

Joining our team could come in different ways – as a field missionary or church planter, as an administrative or office staff, in the media and mobilizations department or in as an innovative missionary or a volunteer. We can only get to know more when you share with us what your calling and convictions are and how you feel God is leading you – full time or part time.

Lets begin the conversation from here.

Could you share with us your experience and how you feel the Lord is calling you to serve Him? You might want to include a brief background of yourself and you current walk with God.

Please do send a mail to and copy

To speak with someone on the phone, call our Mobilization office on +2348077544056