God speaks to us in different ways, inviting us to join Him in His work and directing us to our perfect location of service. Sometimes He speaks through an audible voice, sometimes through the inner leading and sometimes using signs and signals. After all these, God will always connect the voice we are hearing to an opportunity to respond. David Bryant said “God cannot lead you on the basis of information you do not have.” When God speaks to you, He connects you with information and facts that enable you respond to what He has been saying.

God may have been speaking to you over the years, inviting you to serve Him in some capacity. You may have had the desire to respond all along but do not have information on where to take the first steps. God may just be leading you to join His team working at Christ’s Disciples’ Missionary Foundation Inc. Here are different openings and opportunities in our organization where God may need you to volunteer and come serve:


Available Vacancies and Opportunities

  1. Mission Administrator:

With a growing ministry reach, a surge in number of missionary projects, more team compositions and more fields to engage, our organization needs an administrator who has skills or experience in people, process and finance management who can work at our International Office. Job routines will include collecting and analyzing field reports, proper filing and documentation of missionary activities, communications assistance to the International Director, budgeting and planning, and many other routines that enable the International Office to operate properly. This requires someone who has had experience in administration in the past, especially in a ministry setting and who has a strong passion and desire to see all nations and unreached peoples reached with the Gospel of Jesus.

Although the job will be more of an office routine, every bit of the job translates to making the work of the missionaries on the fields easier, clearer and more organized. Best candidate will be a field missionary who is seeing a home assignment either on full time or for a duration of about 1-2 years.


Location: International Office – Ibadan, Nigeria


  1. Media Creatives

we are setting up a media team that will help communicate our work, projects, mission stories, mission needs and mobilization resources to update our partners, invite volunteers and inspire churches and organizations to embrace the task of reaching the unreached.


This team may not be permanently based in any field, but will travel a lot from field to field in different countries, then spend time together working on projects.


We accept volunteers who may not be able to work full time but can commit to a number of weeks in a year to travel and then meet up with other team members to complete tasks and projects.

Project locations may alternate between Nigeria (Uyo, Abuja, Ibadan, Adamawa), Cameroon and Chad. But travels will cover far more than these.

Specific positions in this area include:

  1. Script & Screen Writer
  2. Video Editor
  3. Photographer/Videographer
  4. Graphic Designer
  5. Producer/Media Director


  1. Human Resource/Member Care Manager

With dozens of families and individuals working with our organization in different countries and locations, following up on individuals, keeping track of family issues, training needs, deployments & redeployments, probation and staff conversions, support raising challenges, family crisis management, weddings and so many other staff related issues could become a major challenge for the field leader who is also responsible for their work, reports and the many other complex issues of leading the field.


Our organization needs a dedicated individual who can be responsible for the personnel needs of our missionaries. This requires someone with great interpersonal skills, the gift of administration and hospitality, a passion for people, deep empathy and objectiveness, and ability to communicate cross-culturally. Our missionaries speak predominantly English, French and Hausa.

Location: International Office, Ibadan

Who We Are and What We Do

Christ’s Disciples’ Missionary Foundation Inc is a non-profit Christian missionary organization founded in 1985. Our Mission is to make God known to the rural dwellers in Nigeria, Africa and beyond through evangelism, discipleship, church planting and community development in order to bring about holistic transformation. Our focus in the last 3 decades has been on places where the Gospel has not gotten to, especially the difficult to reach places. We preach the Gospel, disciple the converts, raise and train leaders among the people, and carry out projects that leave the communities better than we met them. Our job is done in a community when people live in obedience to God’s word and their lives are holistically transformed.

Our work now spans dozens of communities in four African countries and varies widely from Planting Church, to Discipleship & Bible Schools, Educational Facilities, Community Projects (water, sanitation and health), Social Centres and Missionary & Leadership Development Trainings. Our teams work actively in Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Central Africa Republic (CAR).


What does it mean to work with CDMF Inc

Just like working with most mission agencies, working with us will require that you to raise your own financial support. There are many ways to do this, either through partnership with your local sending church or connecting with friends, or tent-making. However, we will guide you in this process, giving you materials to give to potential supporters and helping you describe what you’ll be doing. Everyone currently on our team raises their own support. The organization will raise support for the work, but individual missionaries raise their support for their personal and family upkeep.

Take the first steps: Fill Our Interest Form Online

If you feel that the Lord may be leading you to respond to any of the above needs and service opportunities, kindly get in touch with us by filling this form.


If you would like to talk with someone to get more clarity, or just make further enquiries, if you are an English speaker, you can email linda.ogunshola@cdmission.org french speaker please email augustin.longa@cdmissions.org

Call +2347061386323

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