“but how can they go, unless they be sent?” – Rom 10:15

Missionaries are people who have decided to spend their lives in places where they will have an opportunity to lead others to Jesus. For some persons on our team, this means living in remote villages, foreign countries and in some cases, hostile communities.

Without being directly in those situations where they find themselves, you have an opportunity to be involved in what they are doing. Missionaries, are regular people. They need housing, school fees for their children, communication and travel costs. You can be part of their work by supporting what they do. Financial support, moral support, encouragement and logistic support are only a few ways through which you can be a sender.

You can make direct donations to missionaries.


James & Linda Ogunshola
International Coordinators
James & Linda pioneered Christ's Disciples' Missionary Foundation together in 1985. They have lived the last 29 years cross-culturally in various fields and only one year ago returned to Ibadan to lead the International Office. They are blessed with 4 boys. While James leads the International team, Linda is head of training and curriculum development. She also works with member care and works extensively with women and children.
Augustin & Diane Longa
Francophone Field Leaders
Augustin and Diane are Cameroonians who have followed God's call for their lives. They started our as volunteers with Campus Crusade in Chad, then went for a year of Missionary Training School in Nigeria and returned to Chad where they spent another three years. Today they live in Cameroon from where they coordinate the entire French speaking teams of Christ's Disciples' Missionary Foundation. Augustin is also the strategy director of CAMO - Central Africa Missions Outreach. They have two kids Eden and Eva.
Comfort Abdu
Nigeria Office Coordinator
Comfort has been an active missionary on full time since 1998. She joined CDMF with her husband who passed on a few years later. She has since remained on the field. After working in Lainde among the Muktah people for more than 10 years, she now coordinates the affairs of the National office in Mubi which oversees the work among the Fali people and its environs. Her two children Samuel and Blessing live with her in Mubi.