A young entrepreneur once asked “how can I send my little gift of say One Thousand Naira every month to missions? My heart is there, but the problem is that I don’t remember to always send it.” His question is one that many people ask. You have a heart to be part of what God is doing by giving to missions. Although your gift is not so large, you still want it sent all the same. But you don’t always remember, or you feel it’s so small that the trouble of sending it looks discouraging.

The Challenge of Supporting Missions: Consistency

This is a common problem. Many people desire to be part of missions and have decided that maybe at this stage of their lives, the best way is to financially support missions and missionaries. Staying consistent it the challenge, or used to be a challenge, but that is no longer one.

2kPartners [Subscribe Here]

We at Christ’s Disciples’ Missionary Foundation Inc have a group of supporters who have decided to give a token of N2,000 (Two Thousand Naira) monthly to support missions. This is the equivalent of about 5 US Dollars. Although we have other platforms to make a one time online support or donation of any amount which you can use if you prefer that option.

What the 2kPartners Finance


These generous donations of N2,000 monthly, sent consistently, makes it possible for us to do so many things. For example

  1. Developing training resources for mission candidates, especially at our French Mission schools in Cameroon and Chad from where we are able to train and send missionaries to several countries in the sub-continent. The cost of training one missionary for 9 months is about 1,200$. Many of these candidates come from communities and churches where it is difficult to afford this. Our 2kPartners make it possible for us to keep these training schools open and this in turn means that we are able to send more missionaries to reach the unreached.
  2. Running and maintaining community schools that are discipling hundreds of children in several communities and countries. The impact of regular churches on these communities cannot be compared to the impact that schools are having. Our 2kPartners make it possible to keep these schools running. Several children have gotten to know Jesus through these schools.
  3. Helping us send new missionaries to new places. We have a long list of unreached people groups where no missionary is currently working. We have several missionaries we are training. When they are done with their training, deploying them to these new communities and countries require lots of money. Our 2kPartners make is possible for us to send missionaries. We use to money to take care of accommodation, transportation, family relocation in some cases and settling in to begin ministry in a new culture.
  4. Developing communities. Like was outlined in the article on why you should become a mission supporter, community development projects such as digging wells and creating health centres make it possible to gain the attention of the community faster. It is the support from our 2kPartners that make these projects possible.

There is a lot more that your support enables us to do, in summary, your support makes it possible for us to preach the Gospel and make disciples.

Join our 2kPartnership Group

We know you will like to be a part of those who change the world. The 2kParnership of CDMF Inc is one sure way to do it. We have partnered with Paystack, a secure online processing platform and have created a subscription package that your simply enroll to and your card will be billed every month. A reminder mail will be sent to you shortly before your card is billed every month, and you can opt out anytime.

What you get as a 2kPartner

  1. We designate the 2nd day of every month as our special day of fasting and prayer exclusively for all our partners. You can send us your prayer requests and needs, and you can be sure that all our missionaries worldwide will be praying for you.
  2. Monthly updates of our activities and the impact your giving is making among the nations (with an option to only receive a quarterly summary if you don’t want the monthly mails)
  3. A comprehensive annual newsletter from the ministry
  4. After 12 months on the partnership, we give you a special Partner Plaque from our International Office.
  5. Calls and possible visit from our key leaders when they happen to be around your location.

Thank you for partnering with us to spread the Gospel. Your finance makes it possible for our going to produce results.

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Our Promise: All cards are processed securely so even we don’t have access to it, and your personal data will not be disclosed or shared with anyone.