Short Term Opportunities

Opportunities for Short Term Missions with Christ’s Disciples’ Missionary Foundation in Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad

Volunteer positions are not paid positions, and every volunteer is required to raise their support. Understand also that volunteers primary assignment is not the ‘job’ they’re coming to do but the purpose for which they are coming, which include: telling people about Jesus, encouraging new converts to be strong in their faith and help support existing efforts for reaching the unreached or developing the community.

  • English Conversation Club Facilitators – (Location: Doba): You will be involved in working with youth, many of whom are either in or just finished secondary school, have learnt a little bit of English Language but need more practice in order to gain confidence and be able to participate in conversations. You will need to be creative in bringing up conversations that interests them and provides opportunities for them to talk and learn new vocabulary. There is a lot of room for creativity using games, stories etc. And you don’t need to know French to do this. This requires a commitment of 4 weeks minimum.
  • English Teachers (Location: Doba): You will be involved teaching English at the Centre for Languages and Social Integration (CELSI). English teachers are needed for various levels from beginner through advanced. You do not need to know French to teach English, but you will need basic French if you need to communicate outside the class-rooms. It is advised that volunteers have basic communication French or be willing to learn so as to take conversations further. This requires a minimum commitment of 3 months.
  • Skill Teachers (Location: Doba): Volunteers will also have the opportunity to teach various skills at CELSI. This varies based on the experience and expertise of the volunteer, but this needs to be discussed extensively long before coming. For this, volunteers will need enough French to be able to teach in French. Requires from 3 months commitment. Skills that could be taught include ICT, Arts & Craft, Music, Sports and other such skills.
  • Administrative Officer: We need someone who is able to coordinate the activities of the mission base. This will involve management of on ground facility, being responsible for accommodation of missionaries and volunteers on base or on transit. You will be basically responsible for the day to day running of the base. This requires English and basic French. Volunteers will need to spend a minimum of 1 year on the field. This opportunity also allows the volunteer to participate in other activities going on either at the conversation clubs, at CELSI or in nearby mission fields.
  • Bible Study Facilitators: We currently run a discipleship school for church members in Doba and nearly towns and villages. We need more persons who are able to facilitate these discipleship cells during bible studies and teach them the basics of faith. This might require lots of traveling around and requires someone with both indepth knowledge of the bible and an indepth knowledge of French. This is preferably a long term position as you will need to watch your team grow and provide leadership and mentorship where necessary, but short termers willing to be on the field for a year will be very productive on this too.


  • Media & Publications Facilitator (Location: Mubi): We need someone with a passion and flair for media who will handle our media and publications unit at the mission secretariat in Mubi. Volunteer will be involved in making up of PowerPoint Slides or short presentation clips/videos for use in meetings and or mobilization outings. Might also need to travel round the various mission fields to gather photographs and write-ups for publications and for our website. Knowledge and experience of various social media tools will be highly appreciated too. This is suitable for students on holidays, IT or awaiting national service, youth corps members or anyone willing to spend anytime from three months and above on the field. Location will be in Mubi but volunteer will need to visit other fields regularly.

Full Time Missions

If you sense the call of God upon your life, it may not necessarily be an audible voice or a clear vision, it may just be a dis-satisfaction, an unending yearning to see the Kingdom of God established all over the world, in all Nations or in a particular nation, then we recommend you pray more about it and find someone to talk to.

Career Missions

We have special openings for various career professionals who wish to spend their annual leave or special public holidays having a missions experience.

We have openings for Medical Personnel, Teachers, Engineers & Technicians, ICT and Computer Experts, Accountants and Management Consultants. A week or Two that you give of your career is not too much. You may not fit any of the Short Term descriptions above, but you just want to serve God with your annual leave or a work break, you are free to talk to us, there is always an opportunity to serve God.


Support Missions

Missions is a very expensive enterprise that involves spending lives and spending money, and this money is provided by God through people. We challenge you today to be part of giving to missions, irrespective of your income, whatever you give for missions will be very useful and meaningful. That’s an express way of storing your treasures where moth and rust cannot destroy.

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