Our TREK programme provides short term missions experience for seekers who desire to spend a short part of their lives in Gods global work among the nations. You can serve God cross culturally with your skills over a very short time while seeking clarity on God’s bigger purpose. With CDMF TREK,  you can spend between 3 months – 18 months in a selected ministry area of your choice.

Different TREK opportunities:

  • English Conversation Club Facilitators – (Chad): You will be involved in working with young people just out of secondary school who have learnt a little bit of English Language but need more practice in order to gain confidence and be able to participate in conversations. You will need to be creative in bringing up conversations that interests them and provides opportunities for them to talk and learn new vocabulary. There is a lot of room for creativity using games, stories etc. And you don’t need to know French to do this. In your conversations, you build relationships and teach foundational principles that help them know Jesus individually. (Required: 4 weeks minimum commitment)
  • English Teachers (Chad, Cameroon, Northern Nigeria): You will be involved teaching English at the Centre for Languages and Social Intrgration (CELSI). English teachers are needed for various levels from beginner through advanced. You do not need to know French to teach English, but you will need basic French if you need to communicate outside the class-rooms. It is advised that volunteers have basic communication French or enrol in one as soon as they get here. This requires a commitment of 3 months minimum.
  • Skill Teachers (Chad, Nigeria): Volunteers will also have the opportunity to teach various skills at our different centres. This varies based on the experience and expertise of the volunteer, whatever skill God has bless you with – music, fashion design, carpentry, painting and . For this, volunteers will need enough French to be able to teach in French. Requires from 3 months commitment.
  • Administrative Officer: We need persons with the gift of administration who can help coordinate the activities of  mission bases. This will involve management of on ground facility, being responsible for accommodation of missionaries and volunteers on base or on transit. You will be basically responsible for the day to day running of the base. This could require English or basic French depending on the location. Volunteers will need to spend a minimum of 1 year on the field. This opportunity also allows the volunteer to participate in other activities going on either at the conversation clubs, at CELSI or in nearby mission fields.
  • Bible Study Facilitators: We currently run a discipleship school for church members in Doba and nearly towns and villages. We need more persons who are able to facilitate these discipleship cells during bible studies and teach them the basics of faith. This might require lots of traveling around and requires someone with both indepth knowledge of the bible and an indepth knowledge of French. This is preferably a long term position as you will need to wath your team grow and provide leadership and mentorship where necessary, but short termers willing to be on the field for a year will be very productive on this too.