1000+ New Missionaries by 2025: Very Do-able

When a vision is born out of mere ambition, then it’s fulfillment is dependent on the drive, effort and activity of the dreamer. However, when a vision is born in response to God’s purpose and is driven at fulfilling the mission of God, we know that it’s fulfillment lies not in the ability and capacity […]

Why training indigenous missionaries is a priority

For the last four years, we have been developing and working on the CAMO Project which seeks to engage every unreached people group within the Central African sub-region by the year 2025. There are 8 countries within this target region and each of them very diverse and unique. For example, of these countries, five speak […]

Francophone Workers Staff Conference in Chad

As it has been our tradition for some years now, all our missionaries working among French speaking Unreached People Groups (UPDs) gather yearly for our General Assembly which is normally a moment of refreshing, fellowship, evaluation, strategy and re-launching with renewed vision and zeal. This years meeting (2017) which held in Chad in March was […]