Adamawa State: In Nigeria, our field teams work mostly in Adamawa State among the following people groups

  • The Fali: they are found scattered on the Mandara Mountains on Adamawa state, section of which we have called ‘Mubi Hills’. We work among the following languages and communities: Mijulu (in Gubi), Julvu (in Lila, Madivi, Gilmari villages), Muktah (Thuba, Lainde and Saminaka villages),
  • The Kilba: they are found mostly in Hong local government, we work in Mijili village among the Kilba
  • The Nzanyi: found in Maiha local government, we work in Hubare village
  • The Zah/Sna: found in Michika local government (we work in Drange, Whatte and Midi villages)
  • The Bana of Nigeria: in Mudi village.

Ibadan, Oyo State: our International Office is located in Ibadan and also our current training facility where ASCEND training and other short term trainings take place. In the south-west of Nigeria, we are currently trusting God for openings to begin a solid work among the Yoruba Muslim who are ever increasing.

Uyo, Akwa Ibom State: Our Mobilization Office is located in Uyo, from where mobilization, recruitment, media, publications and awareness are coordinated.



  • The Bana of Cameroon
  • We are currently prospecting the possibility of Cameroon becoming the hub of CAMO considering it’s bilingual nature and its strategic proximity to other countries in the CAMO vision.



  • The Gor/Mongo/Nangda (GNM):
  • The Ruto: we have currently planted 9 churches among the Ruto people of Chad. The Ruto are found in Chad, Central African Republic and South Sudan. We have also just established a nursery school in the village of Koukourundja. There was none till we got there.
  • CELSI: Centre for Languages and Social Integration is our platform for connecting with the community of Doba through teaching English and ICT. It gives our short term workers a platform to connect with the young persons and present them the Gospel in friendly environments.
  • CEMP: Our centre for
  • The Arabs: we run partnerships with organizations working among Arab Muslims in the North of Chad. Our teams serve Short Term in various capacities.


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