Catalyzing Strategic Movements

Our teams invest their lives, skills and resources to ensure that people from all nations hear the Good News of Jesus, initiating Church Planting and Disciple Manking Movements among Unreached and Unengaged Peoples

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Raising Local Leaders

Because we are called to multiply disciples, we invest in raising and training leaders who will lead new movements, networks and initiatives. These leaders become the seed for the next harvest within their people and the hope of neighbouring unreached people groups.

Our Strategy

Community Transformation

The Gospel is a Transformation Agent, so we engage with the needs of the people to ensure that we leave no community the way we meet it. We initiate several projects such as Education, Water and Sanitation, Health and Social empowerment

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Reaching The Unreached & Transforming Communities

Christ’s Disciples Missionary Foundation Inc is a missionary organization founded in 1985 with pioneer work among the Fali people of Nigeria, called to take the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus and the Transformation that comes with the Gospel to unreached people groups around the world, in their villages, towns, cities or wherever they may be. We work currently in 4 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, planting churchces, making disciples, and transforming communities in Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Central Africa Republic and other parts of the Central African Sub-Continent.

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Your gifts and donations make it possible for us to do all that we do in trying to reach the unreached. We also encourage you to make a generous gift to help support our teams, projects and outreached. Your card is processed in a secure online environment. Thank you for your generosity.
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Our Locations

  • International Office  - Ibadan, Nigeria
  • Nigeria National Office - Mubi, Adamawa State
  • CAMO Strategy Office - Ngaoundere, Cameroon
  • Chad National Office - Doba
  • CAR Office - Bangui
  • Mobilization & Media Office - Uyo, Nigeria

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